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How to Be Yourself and Not Care What Others Think


This is something that I have personally struggled with for quite a while.

It’s one of those topics that I think it’s so easy to forget but it’s super important.


Nobody likes a copycat.

If you’re not yourself, if you’re trying to copy other people, you’re not gonna be authentically yourself.

And when this happens, people aren’t going to appreciate you or want to get to know you.

When you copy others, you don't be yourself and people don't want to be with you!Click To Tweet

Because this is something that I struggled a lot, I’m gonna talk about three ways that I really tried to be myself and worry about what other people think.

Plus, I’ve create a small cheatsheet that details 5 questions to ask if you’re wondering if you’re being yourself. You can use these questions to help you implement these ideas. Click here to grab your copy:

Always bring value

One of the reasons why I focus on providing value is that it lets me take my ego and myself out of whatever it is I’m creating. When people look at my work, they don’t focus on me and I don’t have to focus on myself.

Instead, I focus only on the value of the content that I’m creating.

Always be grateful

One of the things that I think we really easily forget is that we have a lot of gifts.

And a lot of things we do we take for granted but to other people is really special.

A lot of things we do we take for granted but to other people is really special.Click To Tweet

One of the ways that I really focus on being grateful is that I always try to spend time with friends or people close to me who aren’t doing the things I’m doing. Because they are able to have a different perspective, they teach me to recognize the gifts that I have.

When I was in college and getting started with online marketing thing, I was really nervous because I felt that I did not fit in. Being a stats major,  it just didn’t seem like the right move for me.

I was so grateful to have my dear best friend Paul, who taught me that very few people go into this industry and even understand what I’m doing.

He always reminded me that the fact that I’m trying to do these things is already a sign that I’m already above what most people are doing. Having that outside perspective really has taught me to be grateful for being able to do these kind of things.

To be able to do stuff like this, you have to have a certain social economic background, class, and set of opportunities. If you look around the world, there are people who don’t have the opportunities that you and I probably have. Even something as simple as the internet, there are a lot of people in the world who don’t have internet access.

Live each day like it’s your last

The final tip that I focus on is something that I learned from Steve Jobs.

I remember when I was in high school in junior year and I watched the Steve Jobs commencement speech.

That speech really had an impact on me.

One part in particular was when Steve Jobs talked about how he always thought of everyday like his last.

And I have often times used this approach myself.

When you think about your day as if it was your last, all of a sudden you don’t really care about what people think or how they perceive you. Suddenly what people’s opinions of you are doesn’t really matter. And an additional benefit is that you really focus on making everyday count.

It’s a great thing that everyone should try and do because it really helps you put a lot of things into perspective.

Final thoughts

I hope this helped you get you a bit of self confidence and really encouraged you to really do the things you wanna do. And if you really want to make sure you are always yourself, be sure to grab a copy of my 5 questions:

What do you do to be yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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