Make your Twitter followers’ eyes dazzle

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Believe it or not, visuals are in on Twitter.

The days of just tweeting out bits with just text are long gone. Now you need to use graphical content to make people interact with your material.

But how do you make content that will suck your audience’s eyeballs?

Learn how with some quick hits from Peg Fitzpatrick.

1. Know the ratio

One of the most important things to remember is the ratio. This is your mantra. You need to remember that on Twitter, the ratio for images is 2:1.

That means if the image width is 800 pixels, the height has to be 400 pixels. 800x400pixels. If you don’t use this ratio, your images will possibly be out of centre when you tweet it unless you’ve kept the wordings or the focus in the middle…

2. Create your own

Original photos tend to stand out better compared to stock images because people have seen generic images numerous times. (and it’s so boring)

Full story via Peg Fitzpatrick.

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