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For those of you who don’t know, Pinterest is a social bookmarking site. Ever since it launched in 2010, it’s been rocking the social media marketing world.

To make things even better, it’s joined the list of so-called “unicorns” which includes companies like AirBnB and Uber.

But like everything online, there are some things, according to , that you should never share (or pin, in Pinterest terms).

1. Pins that Don’t Go To a Permalink

There are few Pinteresty things more maddening than finding a great recipe, how-to or what not, then clicking on it and having it go to someone’s home page. Ugh! Whaaaa? Now you’re telling me I have to search around a website to actually find the image in that pretty picture?

If it’s an omg-gotta-have-that-pin type of pin then I might bother to search for the post on their site. If I’m lazy, I’ll just go back and be annoyed at the person who pinned it that way.

2. Pins that Give Away Too Much

You’re a blogger. I’m a blogger. And us bloggers like traffic. So how would you like if someone described the entire point of your post in the pin description? Doesn’t give someone much incentive to actually click through to the post if all the juicy details are right on Pinterest, ya know?

This problem used to be worse until Pinterest caught on and instituted a 500-character limit to a pin description. While that curbed some of it, I still see pins like this. If you’re gonna re-pin a pin like that, then go for it! Just edit the description to entice readers to click over. I’m sure the blogger would thank you!

Full article on Blog Clarity.

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