How to rock Twitter search

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Twitter is in some interesting times now. The recent reintroduction of Jack Dorsey, a la Steve Jobs, has given some hope to the social media giant.

Twitter has been struggling in the past few years. One fight is against Facebook and Google. These guys have increased their emphasis on video and visual content.

Another is against Wall Street. Investors have been criticizing Twitter for not bringing in revenue.

But Twitter has one unique advantage to Facebook and Google. What is it? Its search engine is the best for finding out real time news.

Want to take advantage of Twitter’s search engine? Here are a few ways:


Do a location-based search.

This feature enables you to easily search for conversations happening locally that you can jump into. This is also a great way to find people in your local area who you can follow (and who hopefully will follow you in return).
To use this feature, go to the advanced search page and in the Places section enter the neighborhood or city you want to search for.

Find people asking questions.

How powerful would it be if you were able to jump into a conversation (which is completely acceptable on Twitter) and answer someone’s question that is related to your business or industry? Better yet, what if you were to create an entire blog post answering their question in detail and then share it with them?

…To search for questions around a specific keyword, type: ‘keyword’ ? -filter:links lang:en.

More tips via  Social Quant.

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