Here are features Twitter should build

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Twitter has had a lot of flak over the past year or so. While Facebook, Pinterest, and newcomers like Snapchat have innovated in various areas like live video, Twitter seems to be lagging.

Here are some things that Twitter could do to reassert itself.

Bring Periscope into Twitter. We’ve seen what happens when you leave a standalone app and its community to fend for itself — #RIPVine. Don’t let that happen to Periscope! Twitter already lets you watch Periscope videos from within its main feed, but you can’t interact with them or broadcast live without downloading the Periscope app. If Twitter is all about live the way it claims to be, it should simply add a Periscope tab to the main Twitter app where people can A) broadcast and B) go to see what’s currently streaming without the need for a separate app. Seems like a no-brainer.

Create a Twitter news page. If you go to but don’t have an account, you land on what looks and feels like a news website full of tweets about current events under the title “What’s Happening?” It’s not bad. It’s also not an experience that logged-in users get to utilize. Twitter should take this logged-out homepage and make it the logged-in homepage on desktop — just add the user’s normal timeline in the column where it currently asks people to log in. Let people opt out if they don’t like it, but it would be a great way to get current users more in-tune with things happening on Twitter they might not otherwise find.

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