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Facebook Live – How to Hold Your Phone


So you wanna do a Facebook live?

That is pretty cool.

But there is one element of Facebook live that you probably have not thought about, but it’s pretty important.

That element is how you actually hold your phone.

So in this little quick little post, I’m going to explain to you how you should hold your phone when you do a Facebook live.

Note: Be sure to grab a copy of my Facebook Live Toolkit at the end of this post!

Facebook Live – How to Hold Your Phone

Hold with two hands

The first way you can hold your phone for a Facebook live is to hold your phone with two hands. So essentially, this basically means that you hold your phone with one hand, and then you use your other hand to prop the arm underneath the hand that’s holding the phone.

In essence what you’re doing is you’re basically using your secondary arm to support your primary arm as you hold your camera vertically.

(By the way, I learned this great tip from Mari Smith. She’s awesome; go check out her stuff.)

Use a Tripod

The second way you can hold your phone for a Facebook live is to actually use a tripod.

Using a tripod has a practical advantage that you are not limited by your hands and you can keep the camera stable and have a steady shot.

If you’re wondering what tripod to use, feel free to go grab this one.

Turn your phone on its side

The third way to hold your phone is to actually turn your phone on its side and hold it just like a YouTube video.

This is great because this is the way that people naturally see and view videos, so it’s a very effective way of shooting a Facebook live.

Now there is a particular downside with this, which is that basically I haven’t seen it being able to be done on Android devices. So as far as I know, it’s only iPhone only.

If you know any more information, please comment below because I really would want to learn.

Final thoughts

Those are three ways you can hold your phone for a Facebook live. And if you really want to take your Facebook Live videos to the next level, I have a very special treat: you can check out my free Facebook Live toolkit that explains all the equipment and gear that you need. Click below to grab it:

How do you hold your phone for Facebook Live? Let me know in the comments!

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