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How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog


Ever feel like you’ve read a post, click send, finish it up, and crickets?

Yeah, it kind of sucks.

It’d be really great if people kept coming back to your blog.

And that’s what I’m going to talk about in this post: five different ways that you can drive more traffic to your blog, so that more people know about you and check you out.

Note:  Don’t forget to grab the checklist How to have awesome blog posts at the end of this blog post.

Share on social media

These days, there’s so many blogs and content that it’s not enough to simply post on your blog. You have to share your content so that people see it and people hear about you and your great ideas.

You have to share your content so that people see it and people hear about your great ideas.Click To Tweet

You can start by simply sharing a link on the different social networks. If you want to take it to the next step, add a graphic using a tool like Adobe Spark.

Use a tool like @AdobeSpark to add graphics to your blog posts! Click To Tweet

By just sharing on social media, people will see your stuff and that will drive more traffic to your blog.

Provide consistent value.

There are two elements to this. The first thing is value. Your content has to have value and actually improve people’s lives. You can’t just simply write a post that’s self-serving.

The second thing is consistent. You want to be on a consistent schedule so that people can expect your content at a regular time. This way, people see your content when you actually publish your blog post.

Consistency is key so that people know when you're going to post your blog content.Click To Tweet

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to drive traffic to your blog, because they’re super-cheap and super-targeted. You can run Facebook ads in two ways.

Clicks to website

The first way is to run a clicks-to-website campaign. This is a little more complicated than the second option because you actually have to come up with graphics and you have to do split-testing. But this is very powerful because you can actually drive targeted traffic to your blog.

Run a Facebook Ad to drive targeted traffic to your blog. Click To Tweet

Here are a few power tips:

  • Use 6 images. This lets Facebook split-test the graphics and let you keep the one that works best.
  • Keep your text short and to the point. Don’t keep people hung up with your Facebook post text.
  • Keep budget low. If you’re nervous about spending money, you can just start with $1 a day per ad set (make sure you’re being charged per impressions).
  • Be sure to test different headlines and text. If you’re wondering how, here’s a great blog post by Kim Garst.

Boost Your Popular Posts

The second way is to do what I recommended in the first method. Share your blog post on social media, then look at the engagement rates of your individual posts and boost the ones that are doing well.

The beauty of this is that you can actually test your posts beforehand for free, and then see which ones are doing well.

Be sure to use the Facebook Ads Manager when you do this (Use Page Post Engagement as your objective) to take advantage of the more advanced targeting.

Use the Facebook Ads Manager when you boost your posts for better targeting and more results! Click To Tweet

Pin your blog posts on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great traffic driver because it is long term and doesn’t really have a time limit. It’s especially good for content that’s evergreen, so something that you post now can easily be discovered six, eight, or even 12 months later.

@pinterest doesn't have a time limit, so you should absolutely be pinning your blog posts!Click To Tweet

One great thing about Pinterest is that it’s visual, so it automatically attracts people’s eyes. If you want to get more traffic to your blog, you should be pinning every single blog post that you write. If you’re stuck on graphics, give either Adobe Spark or Canva a try.

Share to your email list

Every blogger should have an email list, because it’s your most valuable asset. Why? It’s because it’s the only network that you actually have control over.

Your email list is the only asset that you own for your blog. Click To Tweet

The problem with trying to get traffic from social media is that these platforms can control who sees see your posts. Increasingly, they’re trying to adapt their platforms for more engagement, because they want people to stay on their platforms and not leave.

If you have an email list, don’t be afraid of sharing your blog posts to your email list. They joined because they wanted to get more value from you, so share your blog posts and you’ll get more traffic.

Over to you

Getting traffic, especially for a new blogger, is very difficult. But if you follow these five methods, I think you will find that your traffic will increase, and your blog will be more successful.

However, having more traffic doesn’t matter if you’re blog posts are not optimized to take advantage of the new eyeballs. So make sure to grab this checklist of 5 things to do to ensure you’re blog posts are awesome:

How do you drive traffic to your blog? Let me know in the comments below! 

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