Written Blog Posts

There are blog posts that I’ve written, as opposed to posts that I curated from other websites.

5 updates from Google everybody should know about

Google’s come a long way from when Sergey Brin and Larry Page started their company. The company no longer just indexes web pages by inbound links. Now the company provides smartphones, tablets, computers, routers, and other physical devices. It also is the world’s largest provider of SaaS (software as a service). Integrating with search is analytics, document creation, email, web browsing, and mobile payments. But Google’s not showing any signs of stopping. Here’s the latest from Google that anybody in tech should take note of. Read more [...]

6 things every Macbook person should do

Apple makes some of the best computers in the world, from their line of all-in-one desktop iMacs to the stylish and portable Macbook Airs to the powerful Mac Pro. However, having a great computer is one thing; knowing how to properly use it is another. Fortunately, here's a list of what every Mac user should keep in the back of their mind. These 6 tips and tricks will ensure you'll have a great experience with your new Apple computer. Read more [...]