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How to Blog As Much As Possible


I’m a blogger and I think blogging is a lot of fun.

Why? It’s a really great way for you to explore your passions, write about things you love, and really connect with people in a very intimate level. This is something that you don’t usually get with a lot of other ways of communication.

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You might be wondering “How can I blog a lot if I have a limited amount of time or you have a day job?” I’m going to talk about five different ways that you can blog as much as possible.  These are ways that aren’t so much tools or techniques as mind shifts.

Plus, to help you really take your blog to the next level, I’ve created a checklist of 4 blog posts that every blog has to include. Click here to grab it:

Read a lot

There’s a great quote by Stephen King: “If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write.” When you read a lot, two things happen.

  • you get inspiration from other people, so you get things that you never thought possible
  • you can curate content and actually use that as the basis of a blog post on your blog
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Do live video

I highly recommend using live video to blog more often, and I actually teach this in my course First Facebook Live Launchpad. By shooting live video and using the content as a basis for a blog post, this is a way you can actually blog faster.

Focus on your passions

Focus on the things that you love, the things that you love to talk about, the things that really light you up.

I talk a lot about technology, social media, advertising, and apps and things that make me feel more efficient and productive. These are my passions, things that I love to talk about, things that really light me up. That’s why it’s easy for me to blog as much as possible because these are things I actually give a crap about.

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Document what you’re doing

The fourth way is related to the previous one, and it’s based off a great article by Gary Vaynerchuk. If you’re stuck about what to talk about, one easy thing to do is just talk about what you’re doing.

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This is what I do a lot on my blog. I talk about the tips, apps, software, and techniques I’m using for different things. Use the stuff that you’re already doing and put it on your blog.

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Look for the value you provide

The fifth way is mainly for people who are professional bloggers or business owners. This also includes people who sell physical products.

Look for the value that your product provides. This means you give value and talk about the value that your product brings. In exchange, when people read your blog, they get interested and they’ll be thinking to themselves, “I’d like to check out that company or that person’s products.”

How you can use it to blog as much as possible is ask yourself “What value do I bring?” The way you can look at the value of your product is you take what your product is about and how it helps people. You then talk about that kind of stuff on your blog.

For example, I have a course right now about how to do Facebook Live if you’ve never done one before. In my course, I talk about what Facebook Live can do for you, how to not be nervous of being on camera, and what to do in Facebook Live of. So I blog about those topics, and it naturally transitions into my products.

This way, you can blog as much as possible and be able to create the potential for a person to become a customer.

Over to you

How do you blog as much as possible? Let me know in the comments below! And if you’re stuck on what types of blog posts to create, be sure to grab a copy of my checklist called “4 Blog Posts You Need To Be Making” down below:

Blogging is a great way to increase your exposure and enable people to know you. Having said that, you want to blog as much as possible, but you might not know what to do. Click through to learn some ways to blog as much as possible!

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