The Adblocker You Use Is Now Selling Ads

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How many of you reading this are using an adblocker? Probably a large portion of you.

What would you think if the adblock suddenly announced that they’d be selling their own ads? Wouldn’t that see a little odd?

Well, according to a recent article by Verge, that’s exactly what Adblock Plus is doing:

Rather than stripping all ads from the internet forever, Adblock Plus is hoping to replace the bad ads — anything it deems too big, too ugly, or too intrusive — with good ads, ones that are smaller, subtler, and theoretically much less annoying.

It’ll begin doing that through an ad marketplace, which will allow blogs and other website operators to pick out so-called “acceptable” ads and place them on their pages. If a visitor using Adblock Plus comes to the page, they’ll be shown those “acceptable ads,” instead of whatever ads the site would normally run.

Full story on The Verge.

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