5 Steps to Unlocking Your Iphone

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The iPhone is a wonderful piece of tech equipment. That would be great, if only that the price was lower.

One of the ways we are able to buy a iPhone for cheaper is the fact that it’s on contract. This means, however, that we can’t use the phone with other carriers – which can be a problem if you’re outside of your carrier’s coverage (like in another country).

So in these cases we’d like for our phones to be unlocked. Usually you’d need to ask someone for help, but TIME explains how you can do this yourself – and save money!

1. Look up your iPhone’s IMEI number

Go to Settings, then “General,” then “About,” and you’ll find the IMEI number listed near the bottom. Write it down. If you’re on a family plan, you’ll also need the last four digits of the main account holder’s social security number.

2. Contact AT&T by phone, on the web or in person

Dial (800) 331-0500, or 611 from an AT&T phone, or visit the carrier’s online support page for Wireless Support Chat. I tried both methods at the same time, and got through by phone first. When the system asks what phone number you’re calling about, you can give your current number even if you’re unlocking a different phone.

Full story at TIME.com.

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